Power Generation

Solutions in fluid systems specially designed and manufactured for the energy industry, complying with the highest quality standards and adapted to the needs and specifications of each project.

Keep your power generation equipment at peak performance and stay ahead of potential breakdowns: we are at your side.

At NORTEK, we are wherever movement occurs, as is the case in any power generation machinery. And, as you know, it is vital to protect your lubrication systems, optimise them to achieve optimum performance and avoid potential downtime.

To achieve these objectives at the same time, you have the best tool at your disposal: our integrated fluid management solutions and highly specialised consultancy and engineering services, so that everything is studied and executed in detail.

  • Incorporate the most efficient oil circulation systems into your machinery.
    We provide you with the oil circulation systems that we would use ourselves: manufactured in our facilities, following our designs and passing an exhaustive quality control.
  • Whatever your needs, we have a solution for you.
    We combine the use of standard equipment for ease of use and maintenance with the development of fully customised solutions. We understand the flexibility that the industry demands in its fluid technology solutions and we adapt to exactly what you need, when you need it.
  • Don’t worry about the operation of pumps and turbines.
    We know that this equipment is crucial to your day-to-day business, and we want you to feel reassured about its performance, thanks to the specific lubrication systems we develop at our facilities.
  • Simplification means convenience and cost savings.
    We strive to ensure that the solutions that will be incorporated into your installations are simple to use and easy to maintain, to save you the hassle and expense of purchasing special components.

How can we help you?

Our ability to intervene at all stages of the manufacturing process and our commitment to finding the right balance between efficiency and cost-effectiveness gives you a great advantage: that of having an expert travelling companion ready to advise you, check your equipment and offer you customised designs.

At NORTEK you can have engineering consultancy, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning at your facilities and after-sales service, all from the same company. At the end of our work, you will have your new solutions installed and in perfect operation.

We present you some of our solutions

Grease systems

We manufacture lubrication systems for explosive atmospheres, protected by a stainless steel wall cabinet.

Oil circulation systems

Custom design of circulation systems according to API 614 Ch1 & Ch2 (Special purpose) and API 614 Ch1 & Ch3 (general purpose) standards for pumps, compressors or turbines.


We put at your disposal return filters, portable, in-line, double and special, manufactured in our own boiler shop.

Sealing plans

We supply sealing plans according to API:

  • Plan 52, 53A, 53B, 53C
  • Plan 54
  • Plan 21, 23    

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