Special equipments

Equipment and services for special applications in fluid systems

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Systems designed for fluid heating.
Inline or external kidney type installation.
These equipment are designed to carry out progressive heating safely to avoid damage to the fluid to be heated.

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Calculation, design and supply of complete dehulling systems for long products.

Special design of the descaling rings to optimize the water flow and pressure depending on the type of lamination product. These rings have a special arrangement of the nozzles to facilitate the evacuation of the scale and prevent the return of water towards the reheating oven.

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Pressure tanks for direct contact oil systems.
Designed according to PED or ASME.
These devices have NORTEK’s patented recirculation system to maintain the temperature of the stored fluid at the same temperature as the in-line fluid without the need for external heat sources.

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Equipment for pumping and controlling water circuits.

Equipment for monitoring fluid systems.

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Isolation, command and control valves.


Spray systems for lubrication of large open gears.
Especially suitable for mills and furnaces in cement plants and mineral parks.
Its design allows a homogeneous and controlled distribution along the gear teeth