Profile and values

Excellence in integrated lubrication and fluid technology solutions

We are a leading global supplier of lubrication systems and fluid technology for heavy and medium-heavy industry.

We design, manufacture, assemble, maintain, audit and optimise fluid installations tailored to your requirements, as well as offering an extensive catalogue of products and solutions, the quality of which is backed by 50 years of service to the most demanding sectors and companies. We approach all of this as a comprehensive service: we offer you all our skills in engineering, manufacturing, innovation and development, assembly, commissioning, maintenance and training.

100% engineers
100% manufacturers

At NORTEK, we want to know everything. We like to know the products we offer in depth and take responsibility for the technical solutions we propose, from start to finish, while maintaining full control over quality and delivery times.

We are not commercial distributors of other people’s catalogues or an office without the soul of a workshop. We have a team of engineers and designers to guarantee our own designs, optimised to the maximum, tailored to your needs at reasonable prices, the result of a constant process of research and development. And, of course, we have our own workshops to execute them: a quarry of essential training to be able to have highly specialised technicians, capable of responding in person to any unforeseen eventuality.


Hand in hand with the most demanding industries

We work with leading multinationals in the steel, petrochemical, cement and heavy machinery sectors, among others.

We have worked closely with some of them in the development of specific solutions and even international patents.

These alliances have helped us to grow and understand the increasing levels of demand that, in all areas (technological, logistical, documentary, environmental…), mark the work of large companies. And, above all, they have boosted our capacity to adapt to the different requirements and peculiarities of each market.

Supplier to the most demanding industries

We offer you lubrication and fluid technology solutions for the steel, petrochemical, power generation and cement industries, among others, for which we have made important developments.


Committed team, certified quality

Today more than ever, the market demands reliable interlocutors: to know who is on the other side and to have the certainty of an agile, precise, reliable and well-documented response.

At NORTEK we are constantly improving our organisational structure and procedures to guarantee the best customer service and specific monitoring of each project, enabling us to ensure delivery deadlines and the full satisfaction of those who place their trust in us.

To this end, we dedicate and train specialised personnel and place emphasis on efficient and smooth handling of documentation. Our management system is certified according to ISO 9001 and our welding procedures according to ISO 3834-3. In addition, we are an approved manufacturer of pressure vessels in accordance with European directives, and we have extensive experience in the design of equipment under all types of regulations.

A family business with a global vocation

NORTEK took its first steps as a humble workshop dedicated to lubrication solutions, founded in 1967 by Juan Alejandro Segrelles. Today we are a leading company in the sector, with an award-winning exporting track record, references in the five continents and an extensive commercial network that backs and supports us. All this without having lost our family business character, based on the commitment of a solid and stable team of professionals. Every day, in every project, we strive to preserve a technological legacy of five decades, and to continue the bold path of learning and growth that has brought us this far.

“At Nortek, we consider the Ethics Channel an opportunity to improve our organisation, which allows us to detect conduct contrary to our ethical principles and to resolve possible doubts about unclear or ambiguous situations that may compromise our principles and values”.

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  • To be recognized as a global and comprehensive provider of fluid systems that leads in quality and technological innovation within its sector.


  • Improve the performance, productivity, and durability of strategic equipment and facilities in the heavy and medium-heavy industry through a comprehensive service of auditing, design, manufacturing, assembly, and supervision of lubrication, refrigeration, filtration, and fluid systems, based on a committed and versatile team, and in more than five decades of expert trajectory.


  • Generate superior value for the client from flexibility, honesty and commitment to quality.
  • Offer competitive products and services, but with a high technological level and a great impact on the performance of the equipment and the costs of our clients.
  • Cover with our know-how all phases of the project, from detailed engineering and with the support of our versatile manufacturing plant.
  • Count on human capital of proven capacity and talent that seeks to function as a cohesive team.
  • Knowing how to work in a global market: exporting is our forte.
  • Maintain the prestige and recognition of our brand, backed by extensive experience in highly complex projects.
  • Have a specific R+D+i policy, focused on continuous improvement and anticipation of market needs.

Ethics and compliance

Ethics is a fundamental value in the development of our work; it is a factor that generates trust and represents a true seal of distinction that our clients and the market value extraordinarily highly. 

At Nortek we expect all our professionals to conduct themselves according to the highest ethical standards, driven by their desire to do the right thing. 

To ensure this objective, Nortek’s management has approved a Code of Ethics that guides all professionals on how to act when faced with situations of difficult ethical management and has an Ethical Channel for communication and reporting of possible irregularities committed within the company. 

Code of ethics

The purpose of our Code of Ethics is to establish the values and ethical principles that govern the actions of the company, as well as the general guidelines of conduct to be followed in the performance of their duties by all its directors, managers, employees and other persons whose activity is expressly subject to the Code of Ethics. 

Violating the Code of Ethics is considered a serious offence that entails consequences for the offender or for those who, being aware of it, do not report it.