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In industry, grease distributors are used to lubricate machines and equipment that require regular maintenance and uniform distribution of lubricants. These include, but are not limited to, mills, compressors, power generators, construction equipment, industrial robots, and production line machines.

The use of grease distributors in the industry helps to reduce wear and friction on moving parts, which can improve their useful life and increase the efficiency of the machine. It can also help prevent premature failure and damage, which can minimize maintenance costs and increase machine availability.

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A centralized grease pump is used to provide a supply of lubricating grease to a centralized lubrication system. This system allows the automatic and controlled lubrication of different lubrication points in a piece of equipment, for example, in an industrial machine. The centralized lubrication pump is the key part of the system, since it is in charge of providing the necessary pressure and flow to bring the grease to the lubrication points. This helps extend the life of mechanical components and reduce maintenance. It is normally controlled via a control panel, which allows the frequency and amount of grease delivered to each point to be adjusted.

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The inverter allows precise and flexible control of the lubricant supply. It is a component that allows you to control the speed of the lubrication pump, and therefore regulate the flow of grease that is supplied to all points. This allows you to adjust the amount of lubricant that is applied to the mechanical components.

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Line ends are important components in lubrication systems, helping to control and regulate the amount of lubricant that flows through the supply line to lubrication points. They may include valves, filters, pressure regulators, and other similar components.