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  • Engineering and consultancy
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  • Assembly, commissioning and maintenance
  • After-sales service
  • Training for technical personnel

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All about industrial machinery maintenance

Industrial maintenance is an essential cornerstone for any company in the sector. It not only ensures maximized efficiency, but also increases safety in installations and longevity of equipment and machines. Proper maintenance of industrial assets can make the difference between the success and failure of any operation.


The importance of industrial lubrication

A good lubrication system, accompanied by a planning and study of your industrial machinery, is key to reducing wear of bearings and other parts exposed to friction. This can reduce your maintenance costs by up to 60%.


Uses and applications of lubricants for different metals

The uses of lubricants in the metal parts of each machine are diverse and cover a wide range of functions. Their presence is key in the operation of these and can make the difference in achieving maximum performance.

From the design phase, to assembly and commissioning: we take care of everything.


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The accumulated knowledge of more than 50 years at your fingertips

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We offer you lubrication and fluid technology solutions for the steel, petrochemical, power generation and cement industries, among others, for which we have made important developments.

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“Very good treatment and very professional in their work. They work all over the world and their projects are for the best-known brands and houses.”

Ernesto Cañada.

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We work under the guidelines of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.



All members of NORTEK must know the quality policy, understand it and assume it as their own; and all of them are also called to contribute to the permanent task of evaluating, adapting and improving it.