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Our extensive experience in different industrial sectors allows us to adapt to the demands you may have for your project.

Whatever sector you work in, at NORTEK we get involved in your professional challenges with the perfect fluid technology for you.

We have talked about how we work with sectors such as iron and steel, petrochemical, mining, power energy or paper, among others, and we have shared some of our most notable success stories, as a result of the cooperation between leading companies and NORTEK.

We are able to meet the demands of any type of heavy industry, such as nuclear, naval or agricultural, offering a high quality product and a service that constantly strives for excellence.

How can we help you?

Because we are both engineers and manufacturers, we can help you achieve your goals through:

  • Highly specialised engineering and consultancy service
  • Incorporation of the right fluid technology during the manufacture of your machinery to achieve the best results.
  • Ability to act on previous installations, ensure the full performance of your equipment and improve its efficiency.
  • Design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning on site of the solutions developed for you.
  • Upgrading, extending and improving fluid management solutions to meet future challenges.
  • Specialised training of technical staff.

These are some of the tools that NORTEK provides to help you achieve a project you can be proud of.

We present you some of our solutions

Grease systems

Line of systems for grease (single line, double line and progressive) with pumps, inverters, dispensers, progressive and controls.

Oil circulation systems

Lubrication systems for kinematic bearings, rolling mills, Morgoil® systems, RSM systems, or gear trains, in carbon or stainless steel.

Centrifuges and vacuum systems

Systems for the elimination of water, free or emulsified, and filtration of lubricating oils. This equipment can also be used to heat the oil, thus avoiding the need to install resistances in the tank.

Emulsion systems

Air-oil systems

Special continuous spray designs for the lubrication of bearings, roller guides, etc.


Return, online, double, automatic, water or portable.

Magnetic separators

Special equipment

Skimmers, water boxes, ring pumps, descaling systems, oil mist lubrication systems.

Approved pressure vessels

Own patent for a special heating system for pressure vessels(Editado)Recuperar original

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Leave the fluid management of all your machines in our hands so that they always work at 100%, increase their performance and extend their service life. It’s time to stop worrying about the performance of your machinery.

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