Oil circulation systems

Custom design and manufacture of solutions for the lubrication of bearings, bearings and gears, specializing in rolling mills (including Morgoil® and high-speed systems: PFM, NTM® and RSM®).

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Circulation plants have two functions, lubrication and cooling.
At NORTEK we design and manufacture equipment for general industry that meets the specific needs of each equipment as well as the individual requirements of each customer, environmental conditions, location.

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Circulation plants specially dedicated to gearbox lubrication.
The spraying of oil on the gears introduces air into the oil, so our equipment is specially designed to favor the de-aeration of the oils and avoid cavitation and noise problems.
In this type of plants, magnetic sensors can be incorporated in the returns.

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Lubrication of fast rolling mill blocks requires equipment with high reliability and the ability to deliver high oil flow rates at constant pressures and temperatures.
NORTEK’s fast rolling block mills incorporate the latest advances in lubrication and cooling that have increased the productivity of these fast rolling blocks.


The lubrication of Morgoil type bearings requires equipment capable of supplying high flow rates of high viscosity oil.
Our equipment is designed and manufactured to meet the demanding requirements demanded in the lubrication and cooling of this type of bearings.


NORTEK’s hydrostatic power packs combine the ability to supply high pressures for lifting equipment and facilitate safe start-up with oil circulation that ensures proper lubrication and cooling at all times.