World-class suppliers of both filter elements and filter bodies —standard or customized— for any fluid and under different configurations: return, pressure, simple, double, magnetic.

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filtro simple

Simple filters designed and manufactured by NORTEK to be installed in line.

Filtro Doble

Double filters designed and manufactured by NORTEK to be installed in line.

410XX10 4-3

Filter elements in different materials and degrees of filtration.

de retorno

Special filters to be installed in the return lines of oil circulation systems to reduce the entry of contaminants into the tank.

Very low pressure loss.

Possibility of installing magnetic collectors to retain metal particles

filtro colador

Electrowelded filters for installation in the suction of large pumps.

Calculated to have a very low pressure loss.
Manufacture from 10″ in different materials and working pressures.

equipo portatil de filtracion

Portable solutions for oil filtration.

These devices are designed and manufactured to be used in different devices.

Different degrees of filtration according to needs.
They have particle detection and water analysis systems.

Separador magnético

Automatic chain type filters for the elimination of ferritic impurities in fluids. Especially indicated for installation in emulsion systems with high iron contamination.

Filtro respirador de aire

Filters to prevent the entry of impurities due to volume variations in the oil tanks.

Its design also prevents the escape of oil vapors to the outside.

valvula 3 vias

Double six-port valve that allows changing from one filter to another while the installation is underway. This valve is supplied by default with manual actuation, other actuations available on request.