Iron and Steel Industry

La siderurgia es nuestro fuerte.
Somos, quizá, la única compañía en el mundo capaz de suministrar la ingeniería, fabricación y el montaje de todos los sistemas de lubricación en el sector siderometalúrgico.

Are you concerned about the performance of your machinery and want to avoid unnecessary downtime?

As expert engineers and manufacturers in the iron and steel industry for more than 50 years, we understand your concerns. That’s why we offer you the customised fluid and lubrication management solutions your facilities need, so that they always operate at maximum efficiency.

Having an adequate lubrication and cooling system is key to maintaining and improving the output of any production plant, as well as extending the life of the machinery.

  • Much more than industrial lubrication
    We offer you the benefit of more than 50 years of know-how in fluid technology. You will always have a quality solution at your fingertips in hydraulics, pneumatics or cooling systems, as well as lubrication.
  • With the combination of engineering + manufacturing, you always come out ahead
    Take advantage of the benefits of having engineering and manufacturing in one company: you’ll get the reliability and efficiency you want, plus the confidence of having a partner on the road who can meet your every need.
  • We take care and control the whole process
    We are perhaps the only company in the world capable of supplying the engineering, manufacture and assembly of all lubrication systems in the iron and steel industry. This allows us to fully control our designs and products, which you will notice in the short and long term.
  • Hand in hand with steel and metal fabricators
    Since our beginnings, we have worked hand in hand with the iron and steel sector, which has led us to participate in demanding projects all over the world for important companies. In fact, there are joint patents developed with some of these manufacturers.

How can we help you?

Each sector has specific needs that go beyond the standard.

This is what has made us specialists in the development and manufacture of customised solutions, both for manufacturers and end customers. We know how important it is to achieve excellence in your work and we want to help you achieve it.

Comprehensive solutions for the steekmaking process

steelmaking en 1

Here are some of our solutions

Raw materials plant

  • Grease systems for the lubrication of conveyor belts, homogenisers, overhead cranes, scrap shredders…
  • Grease spraying systems for mill rims
  • Oil circulation systems for large gears


  • Grease systems (double line) for shells, slides, sintering machines…
  • Oil circulation systems for blowers
  • Special grease systems for explosion-proof valves

Smelting – reduction

  • Special grease systems for direct reduction system (HYL)
  • Grease systems for drains
  • Oil circulation systems for furnace blowers

Secondary smelting

  • Grease systems (double line) for main equipment and cranes
  • Oil circulation systems for large gearboxes

Continuous casting

  • Grease systems for casting segments, casting outlet equipment, ladles…
  • Special oil systems for vibrators
  • Air-oil equipment for segments, pouring outlet equipment…
  • Special tanks

Hot rolling

  • Grease systems for ovens, rolling mill bearings, cooling bed, Stelmor…
  • Air-oil equipment for mill stand bearings, guides, ampoules, Stelmor…
  • Oil circulation systems for WRB, NTM, RSM, Morgoils®
  • Vacuum dehydrators
  • Hydraulics

Cold rolling

  • Grease systems for mill rims
  • Oil circulation systems for gearboxes and Morgoils®.
  • Air-oil equipment for mill crowns, blast furnaces…
  • Roll Coolant Systems
  • Hydraulics
  • Magnetic separators

Pipe trains

  • Grease systems
  • Air-oil equipment

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