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Implementation of a double line lubrication system in an electric arc furnace (EAF) with a damaged installation

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    Steel sector company
    Electric arc furnace
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The challenge

Our customer is a steel producer with an electric arc furnace in its steel mill.

The furnace installation was causing problems with breakage, production downtime and low reliability due to a poor centralized greasing system.

The solution

As a first step, we conducted an audit of the system to determine its situation and the solutions to be adopted.

In this audit we noticed that the installed system was very old, with oversized pipes, an incorrect control system and serious deficiencies in general, since most of the secondary pipes and dosers were damaged.

  • The chosen solution involved the removal of the old equipment and the installation of a double line lubrication system manufactured by us.
  • Pipe dimensions were calculated to optimize system working pressures as well as to reduce greasing times.
  • All installed piping is made of steel with double mesh tubing and high temperature protection to facilitate disassembly of moving parts.

The result

Thanks to the whole process carried out, they managed to reduce downtime, breakage and increase production.

Personalized treatment and the design of a solution adapted to the specific needs of each customer is essential to achieve the best results in the field of industrial lubrication.