Mining Industry

Our solutions are prepared to work in the harshest environmental conditions.

In the mining industry, you can’t let your machines stop. And optimal fluid management is the first step to achieving this.

In any sector, heavy machinery has to perform at full capacity and without unexpected stoppages in order to be as productive as it should be. The correct lubrication and fluid management of each one of them is a fundamental part of fulfilling this objective, which also optimises their operation and extends their useful life. We provide you with the lubrication systems that your equipment needs, after a previous and detailed study by our engineering department. In this way, you will obtain an integral solution designed and manufactured for your particular case, from start to finish.

  • Maximum customisation of the lubrication system
    We know that the mining sector demands highly customised greasing systems, which we can provide thanks to the joint work of the engineering, manufacturing and assembly areas.  
  • On-site implementation by experts
    We take care of the precise assembly and commissioning of the lubrication systems in your installations, so that everything runs smoothly thanks to our expert field fitters.
  • We look after your comfort, now and in the future.
    Starting with a good design, in addition to providing you with the perfect equipment for your machinery, you will have a system that you can easily expand in the future and adapt it to possible new requirements.
  • Gain in reliability and quality assurance
    Feel the peace of mind of knowing that the fluid management of your machines is taken care of from the first to the last detail. Ensuring that everything works to the best of its ability is our priority and a guarantee of quality for you.

How can we help you?

Working hand in hand with you to ensure that everything works at 100%, whether we are talking about excavators, rotor drills, drilling rigs or any other machinery. We are very aware that our work does not end with the assembly of your fluid management systems, but continues far beyond, including the tasks of maintenance, technical assistance and attention to possible incidents in an agile and reliable manner.

Saving you time and worries about the performance of your machines and helping you to make each project a success is the best way we can help you at NORTEK. Something fundamental to achieve the excellence you want in your work.

We present you some of our solutions

Grease systems

Line of systems for grease (single line, double line and progressive) with pumps, inverters, dispensers, progressive and controls.

Oil circulation systems

Lubrication systems for kinematic bearings, rolling mills, Morgoil® systems, RSM systems, or gear trains, in carbon or stainless steel.

Centrifuges and vacuum systems

Systems for the elimination of water, free or emulsified, and filtration of lubricating oils. This equipment can also be used to heat the oil, thus avoiding the need to install resistances in the tank.

Emulsion systems

Air-oil systems

Special continuous spray designs for the lubrication of bearings, roller guides, etc.


Return, online, double, automatic, water or portable.

Magnetic separators

Special equipment

Skimmers, water boxes, ring pumps, descaling systems, oil mist lubrication systems.

Approved pressure vessels

Own patent for a special heating system for pressure vessels(Editado)Recuperar original

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