What is a technical shutdown and why is it necessary in the industry?


Fábrica en parada técnica

What is a technical shutdown and why is it necessary in the industry?

Technical shutdowns (also known as maintenance shutdowns) occur in industrial companies, usually during the summer or winter season. This is due to the fact that, during these dates, there are usually holiday periods, which leads companies to stop or substantially slow down production.


Stages of wear in rolling bearings

A bearing is a machine part, usually made of metal, consisting of two rings (outer and inner), rolling elements and a cage that holds them in the correct position. They are used to guide and support rotating components. They are a fundamental part of any machine.

Máquina en proceso de mantenimiento

All about industrial machinery maintenance

Industrial maintenance is an essential cornerstone for any company in the sector. It not only ensures maximized efficiency, but also increases safety in installations and longevity of equipment and machines. Proper maintenance of industrial assets can make the difference between the success and failure of any operation.


The importance of industrial lubrication

A good lubrication system, accompanied by a planning and study of your industrial machinery, is key to reducing wear of bearings and other parts exposed to friction. This can reduce your maintenance costs by up to 60%.


Uses and applications of lubricants for different metals

The uses of lubricants in the metal parts of each machine are diverse and cover a wide range of functions. Their presence is key in the operation of these and can make the difference in achieving maximum performance.


Difference between grease and oil

Understanding the difference between grease and oil is essential when it comes to lubricating your machinery, as each of these lubricants is geared to different functions. Read this article to learn more about this difference.