Petrochemical industry

API 614 equipment designed and manufactured for a sector as demanding as the petrochemical industry.

In the most demanding sectors, you need efficient solutions that offer maximum security and total confidence.

We have a thorough understanding of the demands that fluid management systems must meet in the petrochemical sector, for which we have developed successful customised solutions. We provide you with the lubrication, control and sealing solutions you need, as well as industry-specific lubrication systems.

If you are a manufacturer, at NORTEK we, as engineers, will advise you, review the specifications of your equipment, advise you in those areas that you need and even train the technical staff in charge of the installations.

  • Keep it all under control
    We have the capacity to manufacture our solutions under API 614 standard, specific for lubrication systems in the oil and petrochemical sectors.
  • Forget about unnecessary risks
    We incorporate into your installations equipment manufactured under Atex certification, ready to be installed in explosive atmospheres, complying with all quality standards.
  • We optimise the performance of your machinery
    As an engineering company specialising in the sector, in addition to providing you with the knot management solutions you need, we can carry out operational studies of your equipment, not only to ensure its proper functioning, but also to increase its performance.
  • Are you ready for the future?
    R&D&I is part of our DNA and drives us to constantly develop new ideas for new challenges that you will undoubtedly encounter now and in the future.

How can we help you?

The fact that we cover everything from the design to the installation and assembly of each product, with the traceability and control of deadlines and costs that this entails, is the best guarantee and the source of confidence you are looking for.

We adapt to your specifications, always optimising the operation of fluid management systems to the maximum. In addition, our extensive experience in both the iron and steel and petrochemical sectors allows us to extrapolate solutions from one to the other, thus achieving even more satisfactory results.

We present you some of our solutions

Grease systems

We manufacture lubrication systems for explosive atmospheres, protected by a stainless steel wall cabinet.

Oil circulation systems

Custom design of circulation systems according to API 614 Ch1 & Ch2 (Special purpose) and API 614 Ch1 & Ch3 (general purpose) standards for pumps, compressors or turbines.


We put at your disposal return filters, portable, in-line, double and special, manufactured in our own boiler shop.

Sealing plans

We supply sealing plans according to API:

  • Plan 52, 53A, 53B, 53C
  • Plan 54
  • Plan 21, 23    

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