Technological legacy

A legacy of five decades

The history of NORTEK would not be understood without the drive and genius of its founder and alma mater, Juan Alejandro Segrelles (1939-2016).

Over the course of fifty years, his entrepreneurial vision and technical audacity made it possible to transform a small workshop dedicated to the distribution of small lubrication equipment into a supplier of fluid systems on a global scale. Perseverance, imagination, inventiveness and fighting spirit were some of the traits that defined the trajectory of this unique entrepreneur, for whom every complex project was a source of hope and every door that closed was an opportunity to enter even through the last crack. Honouring this legacy and continuing to make it grow is our aim for the next fifty years.

«If something is difficult, it has a solution; if it is impossible, it is a challenge!»

Founder and soul of NORTEK
in memoriam ~ 1939-2016

segrelles padre

Tribology, at the heart of our engineering

As a supplier of lubrication systems, NORTEK developed the heart of its engineering in the field of tribology.

This is the science of understanding, predicting and controlling the working conditions of solid surfaces in contact and in motion, in order to increase productivity, extend machine life, improve component accuracy, and save energy and maintenance effort.

Juan Alejandro Segrelles and his technical team soon stood out for their in-depth knowledge of this field of technical knowledge and the development of imaginative lubrication and cooling solutions, with two fundamental premises: maximum reliability at a competitive price. This synthesis of quality and rationality soon attracted the attention of leading companies in various sectors.

Alongside them, NORTEK grew and consolidated, learning from the demands made on it by the best, but also contributing new intuitions and developments. Thus, from tribology we grew towards a global vision of fluid engineering, progressively expanding our product offering and extending the limits of our research work.


Innovating since our beginnings

NORTEK’s innovative track record has not only been recognised by its customers around the world, but has also been backed by the granting of numerous patents and utility models, in some cases jointly with leading multinationals in their sector.

Patent map

From the first patent, obtained only two years after the company was founded, to the present – as we are in the process of having a new design approved as a European and US patent – this is a summary of the main innovations we have brought to our industrial and technological context.