Paper Industry

Specific solutions that meet the high demands of the paper industry.

Maximise the efficiency of your machinery and never let production come to a standstill.

As experts in the needs of the paper industry, at NORTEK you will find the ideal partner for the correct operation and maintenance of your equipment, as well as for incorporating the new fluid management solutions you need. We carry out the entire process, from initial design to on-site assembly, ourselves.

The oil circulation systems and grease systems that we can supply are specifically designed for the specific needs of the sector, including those cases where environmental conditions are particularly aggressive.

  • Find the products you need in a wide range of materials.
    We have the capacity to manufacture our products in special stainless steel, carbon steel, 300-900 series, aluminium or bronze, among others.
  • Find the solution you need instantly
    Whether you are a manufacturer, end customer or part of the engineering team developing a whole project, at NORTEK you will find a 100% satisfactory solution.
  • Keep it all under control
    Single and double lines, spraying, oil circulation for gearboxes… We adapt our lubrication systems especially for each phase of your processes in order to achieve maximum performance.
  • Technical support makes the difference
    Forget about standard solutions that do not fit your needs and count on an expert team, which will always carry out a technical study before presenting you with a solution.

How can we help you?

If everything flows correctly in your machinery, you are taking an important first step to ensure that nothing interrupts your production process. At NORTEK we help you to achieve this, even in the most adverse environmental conditions, to ensure maximum performance combined with high durability.

Discover all the benefits of having a company that can custom design, manufacture and install the fluid management products you need at every stage of the process, all the way to the final product.

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Here are some of our solutions

Grease systems

  • Line of grease systems (single line, dual line and progressive) with pumps, inverters, metering units, progressive feeders (available in carbon steel and stainless steel) and controls.
  • Construction of pumping units protected by a stainless steel wall cabinet.

Oil circulation systems

  • Lubrication systems for all types of gears, bearings, rolling bearings and, in general, moving parts subject to high friction and wear.
  • We are approved as a manufacturer of pressure vessels in accordance with European directives and our welding processes are ISO 3834 certified.
  • Manufacture of lubrication equipment according to API 614 standard.

Air-oil systems

  • Special continuous spray design for the lubrication of bearings, roller guides…


  • Return, in-line, dual, automatic, water or portable.

Centrifuges and vacuum systems

  • Systems for the removal of free or emulsified water and filtration of lubricating oils. These systems can also be used for heating the oil, thus avoiding the need to install heating elements in the tank.

Special equipment

  • Skimmers, water boxes, ring pumps, descaling systems, oil mist lubrication systems.

Approved pressure tanks

  • Proprietary patent for a special heating system for pressure vessels

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