NORTEK renews the certification of its welding processes according to ISO 3834-3

Bureau Veritas has granted NORTEK re-certification of the company according to standard EN-ISO 3834-3:2006 for three more years. By passing the proper audit with zero non-conformities, NORTEK has demonstrated full compliance with the quality standard requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials. This once again shows our company’s commitment to quality, which is also accredited by the ISO 9001:2015 certification of our quality management system.

In every plant with a strong focus in boilermaking and piping, welding processes are of special importance and can become a source of countless risks. This is perceived even more noticeably when working with sectors in which close inspection of welding is crucial to ensure the suitability of the products supplied. In this sense, our increasing penetration in petrochemical and power generation markets has been not only a source of learning, but the best incentive to strive for total customer satisfaction with the execution of welding in our projects.

Welding must never be a source of risk. In each project, it is essential for us to renew the confidence that our most demanding customers place in us.

NORTEK is aware of the enormous difficulty encountered today when seeking trustworthy workshops and professionals who can guarantee welding quality. Therefore, we have spent years committed to a staff of top-quality technicians (approved according to Euronorm and ASME IX), as well as investing in the training of those responsible for its supervision. Proof of this are the acknowledged reliability of our metal fabrication workshop and compliance with the harmonized standards that facilitate the fulfillment of the legal international security requirements collected in the EU directives.

Our strategic intent is to continue strengthening this commitment with a single goal: maintaining the utmost confidence of our customers to ensure compliance with the most demanding welding quality requirements.